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2008 Jackie Dockter Tournament Results

There were 45 juniors and 90 Adults for a total of 135 (3 more than last year).  Seven juniors participated in the adult mixed doubles events, thus there were 97 participants in the adult divisions.  There were no adults in the junior events (tee hee).

I thank all of you for either helping in any way or taking the time to play and thus paying tribute to Jackie.  It is a comfort to the Dockter family to know that so many of you care.

Following is the list of winners for this year's tournament

Junior Events

Junior 10 Singles

1st place      Nicholas Janes  Bismarck

2nd place     Brian Swanberg Bismarck

Boys' 12 Singles

1st place       Erick Porter  Mandan

2nd place      Joe Janes  Bismarck

Consolation   Tanner Anderson  Bismarck

Boys' 12 Doubles

1st place    Joe Janes/Erick Porter     Bismarck/Mandan

2nd place    David Youngs/Erich Wanzek    Fargo/Fargo

Consolation    Nicholas Janes/Brian Swanberg    Bismarck/Bismarck

Boys' 18 Singles

1st place    Jordan Boehm   Mandan

2nd place   Carson Kunz   Mandan

Consolation   Matt Kramer   Bismarck

Boys's 18 Doubles

1st place   K Neubauer/Carson Kunz    Mandan/Mandan

2nd place   Brook McFarlin/Luke Imsland   Willistion/Williston

Girls' 14 Singles 

1st place   Mary Roller   Bismarck

2nst place    Junelle Wanzek  Fargo

Girls' 16 Singles

1st place  Hailey Whitman  Bismarck

2nd place  Anna Wanzek  Fargo

Girls' 16 Doubles

1st place  Tyne Oberland/Mary Roller   Bismarck/Bismarck

2nd place    Anna Wanze./Junelle Wanzek  Fargo/Fargo

Consolation    Megan Fenstermaker/Alex McEvers   Bismarck/Bismarck

Girls' 18 Singles

1st place  Tyne Oberlander  Bismarck

2nd place Jacey Porter  Mandan

Consolation  Kathryn Neubauer   Mandan

Girls' 18 Doubles

1st place  Alicia Horner/Hallie Welk    Bismarck/Bismarck

2nd place   Sarah Janes/Erin Swanberg   Bismarck/Bismarck

Adult Events

A Singles

1st place  Paul Christen   Mandan

2nd place   Tyler Thomson   Minneapolis

Consolation  Kim Bender  Denver

A Doubles

1st place  Kim Bender/Paul Christen    Denver/Mandan

2nd place  Jamie Mandigo/Tyler Thomson  Bismarck/Minneapolis

Consolation  Brad Dorsher/Scott McPherson   Bismarck/Bismarck

A Mixed Doubles

1st place  Paul Cordova/Hallie Welk    Mandan/Bismarck

2nd place  Brad Dorsher/Kelly Kalvoda

B Singles

Sandy Wald-Clooten    Bismarck

2nd  Patrick Baros     Bismarck

Consolation  John Lancaster  Bismarck

B Doubles 

1st place  Patrick Baros/Rob Mizell   Bismarck/Bismarck

2nd place  Dale Ellingson/Sandy Wald-Clooten   Bismarck/Bismarck

Consolation  Anna Neubauer/Kathryn Neubauer   Mandan/Mandan

B Mixed Doubles   

1st lace  Jacey Porter/Tracy Porter   Mandan/Mandan

2nd place  Carol Kapp/Brian Reinowski   Mandan/Bismarck

Consolation  Tyne Oberlander/Matt Kramer

C Singles

1st place  Rob Welk    Bismarck

2nd place  Amy Fuoss   Newtown

Consolation   Julie Bosch  Bismarck

C Doubles

1st place Tonie Garcia/Dwayne Stephenson     Bismarck/Bismarck

2nd place  Joe Branca/Jon Prussing    Bismarck/Bismarck

Consolation   Roswell Henke/Ray Powell   Bismarck/Alexander

60 & Over Doubles

1st place  Tom Christianson/Irv Hoff/Vern Hartwick              Bismarck/Bismarck/Bismarck

2nd place   Roswell Henke/Ray Powel  Bismarck/Alexander

Social Doubles

1st place   Erica Rother/Kerry Stastny     Bismarck/Bismarck

2nd place  Kim Celley/Brenda Lunder    Bismarck/Mandan

Consolation  Brooke Eichele/Angie Myerchin    Bismarck/Bismarck