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2008 Jackie Dockter Draw Sheets-Adults

As of 10:30 am we are still playing junior matches indoors.  If matches run late and we are still indoors, the adult matches may be delayed a bit, in which case they will also be played indoors.

I have made every attempt to accomate your requests.  If you see a conflict, contact me immediately. On Thursday and Friday I will be at the Tom O'Leary Tennis Counts with the Juniors. If it rains, I will be indoors.

Please note the following documents are PDF files and have more than one page.

Click on the appropriate category to see the Draw Sheets:

If after opening a Singles or a Doubles file you do not see your division, open the Round Robins File

Attemtion B Singles Players!!!!    Your first round matches are Saturday morning.

Singles Draw Sheets-1

Singles Draw Sheets-2

Doubles Draw Sheets

Round Robins