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2005 Jackie Dockter Tourn. Draw Sheets

Original schedules are at the bottom of the page.

On the assumption that the courts will still be wet at 1:00 pm today (Thursday), we will begin the tournament indoors at 2:00 pm.   Boys' 18 Singles first round matches #1, #2, and #3 will be the first  to be played.  After that you may assume that your scheduled matches will be delayed at least an hour and a half.

if you can play earlier than 1:00 today, please call me at 663-6654 or e-mail me at .  Please tell me at what time you can play and for how long.

The following is a tentative schedule of matches after the first round.

B18S #4--G18D #2--G12S #1--G12S #2--G14S #1--G14S #2--G18D #1

G16S #1--G16S #2--B18D #1--B16S #2--B12S #1

Original Schedules

Please carefully look at the times and locations for your first match.

When looking at round-robin sheets, please note that the matches are not scheduled in the order in which they appear on the sheets.

Girls' 12 and Under Singles

Girls' 14 and Under Singles

Girls' 14 and Under Doubles

Girls' 18 and Under Singles

Girls' 18 and Under Doubles

Boys's 14 and Under Singles-Group I

Boys' 14 and Under Singles-Group II

Boys' 16 and Under Singles

Jr. Mixed Doubles

A Singles

A Doubles

B Singles

B Doubles

C Singles

C Doubles

Competitive Mixed

Social Mixed

60 and Over Doubles