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2005 Fall Classic

The draws are posted at Tom O'Leary Courts

Below are listed the times of your first match:

Competitive MIxed Doubles 

Lenningtons 2 pm Saturday at O'Leary Courts

Dever/Neubauer vs Jirges/Loerch  8 am Saturday  O'Leary

Everyone else at 6 pm Friday at O'Leary Courts

Social Doubles

Sackman/Stephenson vs Haalands  6 pm Friday  O'Leary

Dodds vs Petersons  930 am Saturday O'Leary

Pudwills 12:30 pm Saturday  O'Leary

A Doubles

Dorsher/Kapp vs Lindren/Labar  11 am Saturday  O'Leary

Schaan/Vizenor vs Cordova Horner  6:30 pm  Friday  O'Leary

Everyone else at 6pm Friday  O'Leary 

B Doubles

Neubauer/Walz and Jirges/Reinowski  5pm Saturday

Everyone else 2pm Saturday O'Leary

B Singles

Lancaster, Lange, Wutoh, Birkholz    6:00 pm Friday  North Central

Everyone else 8 am Saturday  O'Leary

35 & Over Singles

9:30 am Saturday  O'Leary


2005 Fall Tennis Classic Entry Form